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Bonnie And Neil

We absolutely love Bonnie and Neil's Australian hand made range of home wares and furniture. Bonnie Ashley and Neil Downie take their inspiration from Australian flora and fauna. Prints of nature and botanicals recur in their clever designs. They proudly represent the state of Vicotria on Country Culture.

Bonne and Neil are both compulsive hoarders – Bonnie of vintage fabrics and Neil of timber. Bonnie and Neil creates functional and decorative pieces that combine Bonnie’s background in textile design and printing and Neil’s skills as a designer and maker of furniture. Bonnie and Neil products are all handmade. They hand-printed using water-based inks mixed onsite at the studio.  Their shadow boxes suggest a whole new, more 3D way of displaying your favourite treasures and even plants. They’re made from reclaimed Tasmanian oak from old houses across Victoria and feature geometric and botanical designs. Storage cubes can be stacked or used  as coffee table, the possibilities are endless!