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Handcrafted By Paul O'Toole

The talented carpenter Paul O'Toole from the Broke Fordwich region of the Hunter Valley is recognised as a leading talent in the creative transformation of weathered timber into coveted collector's items. Already well known in the region as a maker of recycled timber tables, it struck Paul that the Hunter Valley's most prolific supply of used timber came in the from of discarded oak barrels from local wineries. He recognised that here was a ready source of some of the finest, toasted oak in the world.Thus the barrelboard was born. Cut from the base round of French barriques or hogs heads, each barrel top bears the brand of a cooperage which created it along with hat of the winery which used the barrel to make wine. The rounds from the base of each barrel bear no branding and result in unblemished oak rounds which is impressive in its own right. The wine barrels hale from regions such as Bordeaux, Alliers and Voges in France and serve for between four and five years in a working winery before being culied. Paul O'Toole deconstructs the barrel, planes and biscuit joins the timber to to form a solid piece. He then sands the board for a smooth finish before he rubs with extra virgin olive oil to finish the board which brings out a wonderful texture and coloration particular to each oak variety. The grain and colouring of each board are uniquely different and red wine stains to the underside rim of each board are an added stamp of authenticity. The result is a wonderful board which can be used for many entertaining purposes! Enjoy!