• We are passionate about finding high quality designer goods from hidden places around all regions of Australia. Our site is curated which means we only invite the traders we truly admire and we build a great relationship with them. We love to support the little guy ( and many come from places in Australia you may not have even heard of!) And lots of our pieces are a one off.
  • We bring the products from all of the traders which are scattered over all regions of Australia together. And what a collection we have. This will continue to grow and grow.
  • You may discover one product you love or many. You can simply purchase these products through Country & Co. in one easy shopping cart. Please make sure you read each traders delivery and shipping details because they are all different!
  • We pass on each order to our individual designers and artisans, who package up your new discovery and send it directly to you. All of the products are wrapped in standard brown paper packaging with a fab sticker. You can also choose a beautiful gift wrapping option with a card . If you have ordered more than one product, you may be lucky enough to receive many different parcels in the mail.
  • You feel great about purchasing high quality Australian products from regional traders and your friends wonder where you found that perfect piece! And because you love shopping locally, you keep our traders going, you've looked after mother nature through our drop shipping policy and you inspire us to keep going.