1803 Artisan Deer Design

The first deer were introduced to Australia in 1803. We take our name from this date. My family has sustainably and ethically farmed red deer on rolling pastures near beautiful Orange, central NSW for over 32 years. 1803 is committed to the nose-to-tail philosophy and a spirit of collaboration, as we work with extremely talented Australian artisans to use the antlers and hides from our family deer farm. Together we make premium products that are authentic, natural and sophisticated. In everything we make there’s an integrity that we are really proud of.

ange winter designs

Ange Winter creates tactile pieces of art to be worn and treasured. Working from her rustic studio on the Mornington Peninsula, Ange turns silver, shell, beach glass and driftwood into organically inspired jewellery that evokes a walk on the beach or a wander down a secret bush track.  Studies in Fine Art (Gold and Silversmithing) at Monash University became a platform for Ange to explore ways to incorporate nature into jewellery resulting in softly sculpted rings, necklaces, pendants and earrings: robust mini-sculptures that are beautiful to touch and comfortable to wear.   Ange’s jewellery is for those who pocket shells and glass during beach trips and those who like to carry a little nature with them wherever they might go. Each item is unique, evocative and lovingly handmade.  

Antonia Throsby

It seems the regional art community loves Antonia Throsby's work as much as we do. She won the 2012 Bowral Sculpture Prize, was selected in the  2012 Outback Open Art Prize at Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery and was named one of five Emerging Artists at Sidney Myer Fund Australian Ceramics Awards. Antonia has also just been awarded the Trudie Alfred Scholarship in Australia.  Antonia began working with clay ten years ago when she did her first ceramics course at Goulbourn TAFE.  She now creates her one-of-a-kind pendant lampshades from her home studio, 3km outside of Braidwood. Her products are slip caste in terracotta and a white gloss glaze is used for contrast.  Her pendant lights are beautifully translucent when lit. When Antonia is not busy crafting her masterpieces, chances are she's spending time with her talented husband, artist Jonothon Throsby, who is also an artist, and her nine-year-old son, or tending to her garden or the family's animals which include chooks, dogs, budgies, a... More

Aqua door Designs

Aqua door Designs is passionate about creating wares the traditional way - by hand. Designs are painted or drawn, then hand screen-printed using non-toxic inks in our Brisbane studio. Our range includes cushions, tea towels, tablecloths, napkins and bespoke upholstery yardage. We produce limited numbers of designs to keep our product unique.


INSPIRED BY THE CITY WE LOVE We are a design studio based in Sydney. We love this city, because we love the bright sunshine, crystal blue ocean, the fresh and pure air and the pleasant lifestyle. What is more important is that we love the unique and adorable lives here, such as the koala, kangaroo, platypus, alpaca, wombat, blue penguin, as well as the colorful lush plants. They are the real Australian mates and also the best inspiration of our creation and design.

Bird & Blossom

The Bird & Blossom range has evolved over the years to include unique and colourful children’s illustrations, cards and invitations, re-purposed bunting, personalised birth prints, and bespoke, laser-cut jewellery. Bird & Blossom products are made with love in Australia and always with sustainable practices at the forefront of the creative process. We support other small business and local tradespeople where possible, sourcing only quality, ethical materials along the way.

BlackMILK Candles

blackMILK offers a luxurious collection of softly scented blends of pure essential and fine fragrance oils. Our candles, soaps and reed diffusers can be purchased separately or combined to make beautiful gift packs. We bring to you - the perfect little gift!...

Bonnie And Neil

We absolutely love Bonnie and Neil's Australian hand made range of home wares and furniture. Bonnie Ashley and Neil Downie take their inspiration from Australian flora and fauna. Prints of nature and botanicals recur in their clever designs. They proudly represent the state of Vicotria on Country Culture. Bonne and Neil are both compulsive hoarders – Bonnie of vintage fabrics and Neil of timber. Bonnie and Neil creates functional and decorative pieces that combine Bonnie’s background in textile design and printing and Neil’s skills as a designer and maker of furniture. Bonnie and Neil products are all handmade. They hand-printed using water-based inks mixed onsite at the studio.  Their shadow boxes suggest a whole new, more 3D way of displaying your favourite treasures and even plants. They’re made from reclaimed Tasmanian oak from old houses across Victoria and feature geometric and botanical designs. Storage cubes can be stacked or used  as coffee table, the possibilities are endless!   More


BURBIA is all about creating beautiful affordable suburban prints, posters and homewares of the places we live and love in Australia. We started covering the many suburbs of Sydney and are now branching out into other cities and states across Australia. Working our way across the nation we hope you find a sense of pride and belonging with a BURBIA print on your walls and homes.


CASHMERISM cashmere knitwear range is designed and influenced by the kaleidoscope like culture in Melbourne Australia, offering a bold and timeless style aesthetic, Cashmerism is a delicate statement of everyday luxury. Dedicated to the traditional, oriental cultivation of raw cashmere and a belief in the upmost quality of design, the Cashmerism cashmere range harnesses warmth, comfort and everything beautiful. Where the rare pleasure was once only afforded by the most aristocratic of society, Cashmerism produces an attainable edit of distinct and joyful pieces designed for modern individuality. Sourcing only the finest of cashmere from the exquisite inner highlands of Mongolia, Cashmerism is guided by the nomadic traditions of the Mongolian people. Always ethically produced, cashmere goats live a carefree and happy life away from all the disturbances of the urban world, ensuring only the best cashmere is harvested. As the most scarce and precious natural fibre in the world, the Cashmerism collection... More

Chuckles & Caz

Chuckles & Caz is all about colour, fun and modern simplicity. From working in the Australian fashion industry for over 10 years, with some of the biggest brands in the business, Caz has brought her unique design aesthetic and strong colour and print knowledge together to create Chuckles & Caz. With a modern focus on babywear essentials, Chuckles & Caz brings bold and bright colours and strong unique prints to everyday practical baby accessories and clothes.

CircPan Art

Hamish Ta-mé is a professional artist working across different mediums to explore ideas, tinker with technology and hack dominant paradigms. Inspired by the writings of David Suzuki during his Masters, he sought to illustrate the wonderful concepts of small communities and approaches to inclusion and exclusion. He has created a new approach to landscape imaging with a handbuilt rig of 24 cameras that capture an instantaneous spherical 360 image. He lives in regional NSW and hosts creative networking events, sets up guerrilla art events and exhibits his work regularly. In the last 3 years he has shown his work many times in solo shows and in national institutions like the National Portrait Gallery, The Australian Institute of Photography and significant regional galleries.

Convict Bags and Accessories

Our design philosophy is simple. We want to reflect the raw beauty that is Australia creating products with a luxurious, relaxed, and barefoot style. Our handbags are made by master craftsmen; using the softest of cowhides and leathers, sourced from around the world. Each of our Convict handbags and accessories tells a uniquely Australian story featuring verse from the 'My Country' poem, and the real tale of a convict life. Our collection will grow and evolve. Our wish is that our products will gracefully age and change as you do; becoming lifelong companions to weather with you on your journeys and hold your secrets.

Corporate Exclusive

These products are exclusively available to Country Culture Corporate members.

Country Culture

Country Culture is the brainchild of Angela Lavender – a proud resident of Australia’s great rural back yard! Angela and her team are passionate about supporting Australian designed, made and produced goods – from designer products to handmade finds and unique gifts.   Says Angela, “I started Country Culture because I could see that there was this really rich and colourful source of talent in sometimes the most unexpected of places. The more I looked into it, the more I realized that we needed to bring this talent together – and showcase it to the whole world.” The Country Culture brand has grown to include a great product range. We constantly get emails from our customers asking if they could buy the tissue paper so we have included it as a product in our range. Our 100% linen tea towels are designed and printed in Australia and are also becoming an easy to send gift! You can have a little part of our Country Culture now in your home!

Dorper Design

Penny, Gordon and their children Charlie Phoebe and Alice Gilder own a sheep, cattle and cropping property in the central west of nsw. They are passionate about agriculture, farming  in a sustainable and ethical way and  supporting Australia made. Born and raised on a sheep property, Penny has a lifetime love and affiliation to the land. After retiring as a registered nurse to work alongside Gordon and raise their three children, she began Dorper  Design with a vision of utilising the extraordinary skins from their own dorper sheep. These skins which are traditionally viewed as a bi product of the meat industry are now being  innovatively handcrafted right here in the central west of NSW to create timeless products.  Penny's creativity in utilising these Dorper skins is a tremendously exciting journey which will ultimately have hugely positive outcomes for both the dorper industry and the manufacturing sector in regional Australia. "Having our collection manufactured right here in country New... More

Ella Maiden Australia

Based in the Southern Highlands NSW, Ella Maiden Australia™ is Australia's leading and most exclusive boutique designer and manufacturer of truly unique & exclusive luxury goods and home decorations. Since 1993 Ella Maiden Australia has designed and created exclusive, unique and luxurious styles of designer handbags, backpacks, travel bags, floor rugs and various other fashion accessories. All our products have been one hundred percent handcrafted in Australia with passion and pride, with special attention to detail and a sincere regard for longevity. We only use genuine Australian leather skins in A-grade quality. Our creations are unique and rare: Since no two skins are alike, each and every Ella Maiden Australia creation has a special personality that is easily adaptable to your lifestyle. HAVE FUN SHOPPING FOR YOUR NEW ELLA MAIDEN CREATION.

Emily Simson

The joy of making art to capture fleeting moments of any ordinary day has led to this series of hand-printed cards and limited edition prints. Emily's immediate surroundings on the western end of the Liverpool range provide unlimited activity, with birds, working dogs and the family cats. Combined with the timeless background of White box and Kurrajong trees standing as witness to generations, the images are linking a glimpse, sometimes out of the corner of your eye, with memories and emotions.


We’re passionate about foraging treasures, art and design from the past. On one of our countless trips through vintage shops and antique stores we discovered our love of old wall charts. Realizing a decline in the availability of well preserved, high quality wall charts for a reasonable price, we set out on the quest of filling this void by republishing our favorite unique pieces. We constantly rummage through libraries, archives and antique stores across the globe to track down those lost forgotten gems. Our true passion is about preserving the beauty of imperfection and decay that comes with time and use. Sometimes in the state we find them, or by restoring artwork to its' original condition, we aim to bring uniqueness into a world of mass production and smooth surfaces.

etc Corriedale

etc Corriedale has been established, in partnership with Billigaboo Corriedale Stud, to develop a sophisticated range of woollen throws that exemplify the lustre, loft and life of the Corridale fibre. Natural, traceable and luxurious, the etc Corriedale brand invites you to enjoy the rewards of our journey as our wool is transformed from our sheep's back to your home.

Fairweather Design

Fairweather Design is an Australian owned company passionate about creating functional homewares and accessories. Living in the country has provided a wonderful opportunity to create products that are strong, durable and practical. 

Fiona Roderick

Fiona Roderick is a printmaking artist based in Sydney. While her work has taken influence from the urban environment of Sydney, she also expresses an animated love for nature. This is expressed in her recent line of lino prints inspired by Australia's unique birdlife. From these beautiful designs, she then creates truley original cards and tea towels.

Goldfield & Banks

Goldfield & Banks luxury perfumes honour the tenacious spirit of Australia, from the red centre of the dessert all the way to the sapphire coastlines of Southern Australia. Gathering the finest ingredients from all over the world Goldfield & Banks have brought them together with pure, natural essences drawn from the unique seeds, woods, flowers, leaves and fruits from the harsh yet amazing Australian terrain. All of these luxury perfumes are created in Australia to ensure the highest level of quality is maintained.

Handcrafted By Paul O'Toole

The talented carpenter Paul O'Toole from the Broke Fordwich region of the Hunter Valley is recognised as a leading talent in the creative transformation of weathered timber into coveted collector's items. Already well known in the region as a maker of recycled timber tables, it struck Paul that the Hunter Valley's most prolific supply of used timber came in the from of discarded oak barrels from local wineries. He recognised that here was a ready source of some of the finest, toasted oak in the world.Thus the barrelboard was born. Cut from the base round of French barriques or hogs heads, each barrel top bears the brand of a cooperage which created it along with hat of the winery which used the barrel to make wine. The rounds from the base of each barrel bear no branding and result in unblemished oak rounds which is impressive in its own right. The wine barrels hale from regions such as Bordeaux, Alliers and Voges in France and serve for between four and five years in a working winery before being culied.... More

Heirloom Fibrecraft

Heirloom Fibrecraft is the textile brand produced by environmental stylist and talented designer Kim Shipton. Using various handcraft techniques including Eucalyptus dyeing, sewing, knitting and felting, the range displays a prominent theme from the truly beautiful art of botanical contact printing. Natural fabrics selected are made from silk, wild tussah, wool and hemp. Resources include pure wool fibres from small scale Australian farmers. The fabrics are decorated with dyes produced from home grown native plants and specialist growers, nuts, bark and berries. Heirloom Fibrecraft textiles are then hand crafted into original homeware, art and fashion accessories which will add a special statement piece to your home or outfit. The artist is inspired by tactile, raw and Naturalist elements and her accessories tend to trigger fond memories, sensory pleasure and connection with Nature.


Taste and touch the goodness of mother earth. Highly authentic, sophisticated Australian native products. 100% Aboriginal owned and operated, Indigiearth produces a wide range of natural products including native jams, sauces & chutneys, bikkies & cookies, herbs & spices, native infused choc coated macadamias, native herbal tea's, native skincare products and Aboriginal art & gifts.

Jeni Danks Jewellery

Jeni’s life revolves around her beautiful home on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula. Jeni describes her workspace as a ‘shed – a very  special  shed which we’ve clad in old timber from the Davey’s Bay jetty’! It sounds like a place we’d all love to visit and spend some time! After 17 years working in the finance industry in Melbourne, Jeni and her husband decided it was time to find some more space and made the move to Mt Eliza. This gave Jeni the freedom to create and Jeni Danks Jewellery came to life. Jeni’s jewellery is all made by hand and crafted with great detail and care. You can see from Jeni’s beautiful handmade jewellery that she finds her inspiration in nature from her collections of Eucalyptus leaves, acorns, sea urchins and baby pine cones.

Johnson Waters

Based in Bayside, Melbourne, we are a small design company with a simple philosophy: "Use the best materials. The best local talent. Keep it simple. Make it special." Our expertise is in graphic design, interior design and fashion design all bases covered. Now let's make your space beautiful! Warm regards, Michael, Lynneke & Jon

Jump Jewellery

JUMP is an acronym for Jewellers Unite Mornington Peninsula. Two long time jewellers met recently through their crafts and became friends. JUMP is the result of a lovely seamless union of like mindedness; the power of two! The girls Ange Winter and Kym Stout make joyful, affordable and ethical modern tribal pieces using the highest grade recycled pure silver, kangaroo leather and enamelled Swarovski crystals. These pieces are so colourful and fun they’re guaranteed to lift your mood and add a little pop to your summer outfits.

Kat White

Kat White is a Sydney based Designer, with a full time obsession with Polaroid photography. After acquiring her first Polaroid in 2006, she quickly fell in love with the magic of instant film. She draws inspiration through her travels - from minimalist landscapes, architecture and geometry. This shop showcases a range of cushions, tote bags and photographic prints, as well as Kat's latest creative project: silk scarves featuring her Polaroid photography.


Kirrikin is a uniquely Australian endeavour. Luxury accessories feature artworks of contemporary Indigenous Australian artists, showcased on stunning handcrafted silk & cashmere scarves; silk neckties, bow ties & pocket squares. Our exclusive designs revolve around identity through exploring Aboriginal people, traditions, and their land. Spirited products that capture the essence of Australia.

Lauren Wade

Lauren Wade grew up on the far north coast of NSW swimming in the clear waters of Byron Bay, climbing trees and jumping off waterfalls. Like most little girls she was convinced that mermaids and fairies existed spent many of her early years drawing and painting them. Today her work focuses on real world land and sea animals, however she hasn’t lost that little spark of magic in her work. Swirling colours and fine feather and scale details bring her birds and sea creatures to life.

Love Bomb Designs

Love Bomb Designs hand makes and designs a range of wall decor options. Love Bomb’s dots are made from removable and reusable vinyl fabric in sizes 40, 60 and 80cm. Don't be limited to walls with these little gems, they adhere to any flat dry surface. Love Bomb’s banners are handmade from sturdy canvas and only need one hook so they can be moved relatively easily too. Unique, mainstream and quirky Australian designs ensure there is a style for everyone. Perfect too for renters, uni students and persistent house re-decorators as they can be moved as many times as needed.        

Manual Arts DEpt.

Independent Australian designer / maker duo, David Bunic and Carol Jackson, co-owners of the brand Manual Arts DEpt. create well-resolved, finely crafted timber wares and unique gift ideas that are original in design and made to endure. From their studio based in Tenterfield, in regional northern New South Wales, Australia, they craft contemporary keepsakes and authentic lifestyle products, which celebrate the true character of timber. "It is thrilling for us to witness the transformation of every single item from start to painstaking finish, whereby we hand sculpt each piece - to reach the organic, tactile and artisan result of which we are so proud".

Michael Edwards Jewellery

An accomplished silversmith, Michael Edwards works from his two studios, one in the historic School House in tropical Port Douglas and one in a miner's cottage on a sapphire claim in the gemfields of Central Queensland With a design philosophy of fresh, clear contemporary lines, Michael’s work has influences from nature, Surrealism and Art Deco. Aiming to make a statement of beauty, strength and "look at me" each piece is an individual work of art made by hand from either solid sterling silver or 9 ct and 18 ct gold or a combination of these precious metals often incorporating his Queensland sapphires. Michael specializes in unique hand made silver chains incorporating links of varying shape, size and thickness designed specifically to compliment each individual pendant he creates. Every piece is finished to the highest standard offering timeless design combined with high quality workmanship.


Mokoh Design specialise in stationery and home wares with a unique twist and their love for their adoptive country Australia. Trudy and Andy Baker were born and bred in the UK and met whilst studying for their BA Hons Degrees at Bath Art College. They emigrated to Perth, Australia with their young family in 2004. Mokoh Design was born shortly afterwards. A majority of their designs are influenced by the Australian landscape and culture. A lot of their designs are created during family holidays exploring Australia. The family dream is to one day go all the way round and back again on the ultimate road trip. Mokoh Design products are proudly designed, printed and made in their home studio in Fremantle, Western Australia. We hope you enjoy our ranges as much as we've had creating them!

Mood Australia Pty Ltd

Mood Australia™ began with the design and production of a unique range of quality, hand-crafted gifts for men. Established in 2006 by Steven Marando, the studio and workshop draw on the legendary design reputation of Steven’s own European heritage as the inspiration for our range of original gifts, fashion accessories, jewellery, architectural hardware and custom-made products for a contemporary Australian environment. From its early days as a small manufacturer, Mood has grown into one of Australia’s premier one-stop-boutique studios (now nestled among the cottages of Leichhardt in Sydney’s Italian district) incorporating our own process facilities for model-making, metal-casting, electroplating, assembly and finishing. The house range is comprised of the finest-quality materials including pewter, gold-plate, brass-plate, nickel-plate, enamels, cattle horn, cattle bone and Swarovski crystal, and all creations are handmade and finished under the discerning eye of the craftsman. Our vision is simple—to... More

Moy Tasmania

Unique leather bags and accessories individually designed and created using high quality leathers and fabrics in my home studio in Tassie. New designs and leathers are constantly being added to the Moy range to keep you intrigued.

Paloma Le Sage Hand Printed

Dotti Mathers, the brains behind Paloma Le Sage, is a talented artist/entrepreneur grew up in the Big Smoke. She always however had a strong appreciation for the country and at the first possible opportunity, packed up and headed to Wagga Wagga to University in southern NSW to study fine arts.  Dotti became an art teacher, married the man of her dreams and moved to the South Coast where she remains today with her 2 very cute wire fox terriers Mr Toby and Miss Dolly (who happen to be the inspiration behind many of her pooch-themed collections). From her studio Dotti looks across eternally lush, green fields dotted with glorious Flame Trees with a backdrop of the picturesque Mount Kembla…just a snippet of what country Australia has to offer! Dotti specialises in designing and making a range of dog tea towels and cushions made from 100% pure linen. Some of her favourites are labrador, scottish terrier, whippet, cattle dog, greyhound, dachshund, poodle and spaniel dogs.  She also makes printed... More

Rabbit Trap Timber

Operating from a disused dairy in the southern highlands of nsw, rabbit trap timber handcraft beautiful furniture from found recycled timbers. Specialising in communal style dining tables, farmers bench seating, pilgrim stools and share platters rtt bring you the story of each piece from demolished wharves, farmhouses, shearing sheds and the odd cattle yard to share with your friends around your own gorgeous rabbit trap table. rtt offer a range of classic designs as well as creating to your very own specification.

rare pear studio

Rural NSW based artist Shani Nottingham is the creative talent behind rare pear studio. Shani was always a mucky, creative kid, drawing and smuggling her Dad’s expensive paintbrushes or her mum’s good sewing scissors so that she could paint pictures, make box collage sculptures and just make. In the intervening years nothing much has changed except she now has her very own paintbrushes and scissors, and even her own studio. Inspired by the huge, clear, big blue skies, and beautiful country surrounds, her garden and an abiding passion for retro, thrifted, vintage, collecting, foraging and a love of colour… means that Shani has many things that influence her art … but regardless of the source of the idea, there is always a desire to make joyful and positive art. These artworks could be a combination of mediums, ranging from watercolour, ink, gouache, acrylic, collage, sewing, pencil or pen, canvas or paper. Whatever the inspiration or medium, rare pear studio is committed to producing fresh, vibrant art,... More

Sarah van Oosterom

Sarah’s stunning designs centre around the unique natural qualities of leather and how carry items interact with the human form. With a degree in Fine Art (RMIT Melbourne) and having studied under mastercraftsmen in Australia and Japan, Sarah has a refined technique in leather crafting incorporating local and foreign, traditional and contempory, skills, techniques and tools. All leather and patterns are measured and cut by hand. Time is taken to piece together every element and upto sixteen hand made processes are used per bag. Leathers are carefully selected from local and international suppliers for their particular application. Eco friendly dyes and finishes are used and the most ethically produced natural leathers where possible. Every piece is meticulously handcrafted in a boutique artist studio with the same passion and attention to detail as the work of an artist. You can follow the handmade process on Facebook and Instagram via the link at the bottom of this page, you may even see your very own... More

Serena Rosevear Ceramics

      Informed by her recent Honours research, which explored the understanding of ‘handmade’ in the context of the 21 st century, Serena Rosevear combines traditional and modern techniques and materials to produce ceramic vessels with a refined, contemporary aesthetic.  Exploiting the velvety softness and purity of vitrified white porcelain Serena leaves the exteriors of her work glaze free, adding colour with glazed interiors or flourishes of oxide mixed into her raw clay. Interested in how and why we choose, use and discard objects, Serena seeks to promote a connection between the user and the vessels she make through tactile experiences designed into their function. “Free of handles, my cups are designed to slow you down for a moment, experience the soft tactility of their polished exterior, and enjoy the warmth of your beverage with your hand.  I revel in the challenge of working within the field of ceramics, my clay of choice being porcelain.  My preference is to exploit the... More

Some Artists

We believe in creating beautiful pieces to compliment you, the stylish and contemporary buyer who is looking for an extension of their personality Locally designed and hand crafted in Sydney, Australia.

Sporting Nation

Sporting Nation is a newly created brand that showcases photo art products from three of Australia's most popular past times from the 1970's, '80's and '90's. Under the banners of Fabric of Football, Slow Cricket and Wooden Tennis the products combine fine art and contemporary design aesthetics with Australian sporting heritage, celebrating specific aspects of each sport from this golden era.


Squeak is a small design business started up by Pippa Oostergetel, a Textile Designer from Melbourne, Australia. A lover of scarves and colour, Pippa decided to break out on her own and start designing the the things that make her truly happy. With a deep breath she left the safety of the commercial design world and started up Squeak. All designs are 100% original and 100% lovely! Our scarves are digitally printed onto silk, and our homewares onto cotton canvas. Digital print allows the designs to be as photographic, as detailed and as colourful as possible. What's not to love about that?!

Sydney Textile Company

Sydney Textile Company is a young start up. Located in Sydney, We are a bold, fun and authentically Australian design house delivering beautifully designed, quality, hand screened patterns. We specialise in accessories and homewares. Specifically canvas bags, scarves, cushions and tea towels. All pieces are Australian inspired, designed and made locally to a high quality. Each design is an interpretation of something Australian. Wether it is an abstract of tropical rain or an illustration of Australian homes. Each design has a story. The debut collection was released in January 2015, features the work of founder Trea Scott and each season we collaborate with emerging Australian designers/artists to get their take on something Australian.

Taurus Watches

We design work watches for men that are built to last. We identified a niche for hard wearing and reliable timepieces that don't cost the earth. We have specifically aimed them at farmers, tradies or anyone who wants a watch that can take some punishment. The watches are built using quality, tough materials such as Titanium, High Grade Stainless Steel, and highly scratch resistant sapphire glass. This is all backed by a 2 year warranty and outstanding customer service.

The Oresome Garden

Karen Herring understands the lay of the land like few others. With her appreciation for modern horticulture and welding skills, she creates metal sculptures to complement the beauty of her environment. They look as breathtaking in Dungowan, NSW (where she lives and crafts them) as they do in any other garden. We love that even though steel can seem harsh and unnatural in a rural context, Karen uses the rustic textures of her metal to make them fit seamlessly into tranquil, country landscapes. There's also the bonus that her sculptures have the power to transform an unused garden corner into a striking focal points. With a range including everything from bugs and fruit to handbags, Karen makes sculpture to suit every taste. More

The Organic Tshirt

The organic Tshirt is an Australian family business, located in the South-western area of Sydney. It was founded following our passion for good quality and sustainable fashion. We don't just make t-shirts we make a statement about what we believe: when you buy Aussie Made from companies like The Organic Tshirt you support our local economy keeping jobs here in Australia. We believe in good design, keeping an eye on value and comfort. We manufacture our collection here in Sydney using 100% organic cotton . We buy our fabric from Australia and the yarn is imported and certified organic (GOTS). We love to use organic cotton for our clothing because it's more environmentally friendly. We also like the Australian merino wool, soft and warm in winter and the hemp light and cool in summer. Our factory is located in Minto, South-western area of Sydney. We have created a website that's easy to use because we want to provide an excellent shopping experience to all our customers. More