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Jeni Danks Jewellery

Jeni’s life revolves around her beautiful home on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula. Jeni describes her workspace as a ‘shed – a very special shed which we’ve clad in old timber from the Davey’s Bay jetty’! It sounds like a place we’d all love to visit and spend some time!

After 17 years working in the finance industry in Melbourne, Jeni and her husband decided it was time to find some more space and made the move to Mt Eliza. This gave Jeni the freedom to create and Jeni Danks Jewellery came to life. Jeni’s jewellery is all made by hand and crafted with great detail and care. You can see from Jeni’s beautiful handmade jewellery that she finds her inspiration in nature from her collections of Eucalyptus leaves, acorns, sea urchins and baby pine cones.