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rare pear studio

Rural NSW based artist Shani Nottingham is the creative talent behind rare pear studio. Shani was always a mucky, creative kid, drawing and smuggling her Dad’s expensive paintbrushes or her mum’s good sewing scissors so that she could paint pictures, make box collage sculptures and just make. In the intervening years nothing much has changed except she now has her very own paintbrushes and scissors, and even her own studio. Inspired by the huge, clear, big blue skies, and beautiful country surrounds, her garden and an abiding passion for retro, thrifted, vintage, collecting, foraging and a love of colour… means that Shani has many things that influence her art … but regardless of the source of the idea, there is always a desire to make joyful and positive art.

These artworks could be a combination of mediums, ranging from watercolour, ink, gouache, acrylic, collage, sewing, pencil or pen, canvas or paper. Whatever the inspiration or medium, rare pear studio is committed to producing fresh, vibrant art, with a sense of style and fun, unique and quirky work that makes the heart happy. It is a working, evolving collective visual adventure! Rare pear studio has a range of original art, archival quality fine art prints, cards and little lovely products. We hope you enjoy rare pear studio’s works and that they give their owner the same pleasure, love and happiness that went into the making and creating of each unique piece.